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          Jinan Chenghui Shuangda Chemical Co., Ltd.

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          Jinan Chenghui Shuangda Chemical Co., Ltd is subordinate to Chengchuang Pharmaceutical Group, which is formally established in March, 2002. It is a high-tech enterprise professionally producing pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemical products inland. The company is located in Chengchuang industrial park, high-tech development district, Ji’nan, the capital city of Shandong Province. It is 1km far from Longitude Ten Road which is the main road of Jinan city, 5km from high way surrounding Ji’nan city and 25km from Yaoqiang airport in Ji’nan. It has superior geographic location and the traffic is very convenient.

           Jinan Chenghui Shuangda Chemical Co., Ltd is a high-tech  enterprise which professionally produces pharmaceutical intermediates. The company has engaged in research, development and production of pharmaceutical intermediates for more than 20 years. It combines research, development, production, import and export trade as a whole, and it has great technical power, advanced detection means, strong research and development ability and superb synthetic technique. It is a high-tech enterprise in Shandong province and the engineering and technological research center of Shandong province.

           The company is committed to drug synthesis in fields of nutrition, narcotic analgesic, anticancer, antidepression, anti-senile dementia and cardiovascular, especially in the aspect of “narcotic analgesic and nutrition”, as to which, the company is in the domestic leading position. Products of the company are mainly exported  to  more than 40 countries and areas in Southeast Asia, South America and Eastern Europe.

           The company has completed quality assurance system and strong research and innovation ability.  Every year,  we bring  out new synthetic drugs which are market demand-oriented with high technological content. We would like to provide you with efficient  services  by high quality products and competitive price.

           During the 12th Five-Year Plan , Chenghui  Shuangda will continue to regard technological innovation as the main work,  raise fund through various forms of introducing strategic investor, being listed, joint venture, capital increase  and so on ,  increase research  and  development   investment  in  new  products , increase  technological  content  of  new  products,   and make greater contribution to development of China’s medicine chemical industry .